Traditional Regional Spice Blender - Over 20 Years Experience as featured in the Courier Mail and ABC Radio

If you love good food and supremely fresh, premium-quality spices and flavours to compliment your cooking, Splendid Blends has a wide range of fine spices suitable for every occasion. Whether preparing a delicious meal for your family or giving your special occasion that five-star treatment, we have got just want you need to make your food spectacular! Splendid Blends has customers all over the world including  a selection of top cafes and restaurants.

Splendid Blends spices are hand-blended and hand-packaged to ensure ultimate freshness and quality, and with absolutely no additives. We guarantee the purity of our blends - our "nut-free" blends are completely nut-free, our gluten-free blends are completely gluten-free, for peace of mind for those who suffer from particular food allergy reactions. Our spice products are blended and sold within two weeks so you can be sure you are purchasing the very best for you, family, friends, or customers. With proper storage, our spices will stay in top condition for up to twelve months.

Our products contain only premium grade, aromatic spices at a surprisingly affordable price. Splendid Blends, 45 gram packets for domestic use are sold through  Farmers Markets or via our website and contact form. 

Splendid Blends also sells wholesale to chefs, restaurants, cafes and registered businesses. Choose from our extensive range of tantalizing spice blends or have a special, signature blend created for your specific requirements. Wholesale spice blends sold per kilogram.

Come and visit us at your local Farmers Markets (check our Events Calendar for details) or contact Splendid Blends via our contact form below to arrange your wholesale order .